Five principles to know when purchasing smart fingerprint locks

One of the main functions or goals of smart home is to improve the efficiency of users' daily family life and make life easier. Better user experience has naturally become an important indicator of fingerprint locks. The electronic part of any fingerprint combination lock has the possibility of making mistakes or missing the time to replace the battery. Relatively speaking, the mechanical part should be more stable. Keep the mechanical key of the lock as a backup way to open the door at home. You can make a problem in the electronic part of the door lock. Time to open the door and facilitate maintenance.

So in the process of purchasing, what kind of door lock knowledge should be learned in order to make the fingerprint combination lock as a smart home accessory product more popular? From the user's point of view, the following five principles should be met.

Choosing the function of the lock, on the one hand, is to meet your own needs, and on the other hand, it is also to choose the quality of the lock. A professional enterprise often has a variety of electronic locks for users to choose from. Users generally choose to use their own products: for entry doors, they are divided into metal doors and wooden doors, and there are user indoor doors, which are common to wooden doors and so on.

A. It can provide multiple fingerprints to open the door (there are often more than one or two people in a family or office), and the product quality must be stable and must be good;

B. The door can be opened with different authority (it is impossible for the head of the household, the nanny and the cleaner to have the same authority to open the door)

C. You can freely increase or decrease the fingerprints when opening the door (the nanny can easily remove her fingerprints when she leaves)

D. Appropriately bring some password functions. Touch screen buttons are the trend of development. In temporary cases, the head of the household can use a password to open the door. Elderly people often use their fingers or often touch rough jobs. Fingerprint password locks with large button touch function are recommended. , such as the 918 Crown series of Keyu fingerprint locks.

E. Be sure to have a mechanical key. This is a backup way to open the door. Like airplanes and cars, although they have automatic control, they do not retain the manual control part. This is a safety consideration. Wondering what you would do if there was a fire in your home, or a thief damaged the electronic part of your door lock by not picking the lock? Don't be greedy for the so-called "holeless" in psychology, and choose the door lock without a mechanical key, but the assembled mechanical lock must reach the atomic lock of class B anti-theft or above.

F. The life of the structure only depends on the motion structure of the clutch, the lock body and the handle.

①Because it is an electromechanical product, a combination of mechanical and electric drives, the clutch is very important. According to the analysis of nearly 20 years of industry experience, it is necessary to combine the domestic production technology and the coil spring drive locking mechanism to play a solid part. The most stable mechanism of transmission, those with electromagnetic suction need to be verified by the market. Due to differences in precision and materials, some processes are feasible in foreign countries and may not be suitable in China.

②Select a good lock body. The performance and quality of the lock body are directly related to the tamper resistance and stability of your door. This part is also very important. No matter how good the fingerprint combination lock is, it is still inseparable from the part of the lock cylinder. In the market, it is always said that the public is right, and the mother said that the mother is right. The best thing is to refer to how to choose a manufacturer, choose a good manufacturer, and listen to them. Qualified manufacturers will give experimental data on the opening and closing life of the lock body and the opening and closing life of the handle. Supported by the lateral force data, the lateral force of the national B-level standard lock tongue should reach 3000N.

H. Other fancy functions should be smaller. It should be determined according to personal needs. One more function and one more possibility of failure. After the product is broken, you will not repair it. If it is repaired, the repair personnel will charge you for the repair fee (especially those irregular brands do not have a unified charging standard) .

3. Style: For the choice of lock style, everyone has their own preferences, and this part is not conclusive. In general, look at the material and choose the shape and color. At present, most of the lock body materials on the market are mainly stainless steel and zinc alloy, but also aluminum alloy and plastic. As a new technology product, my personal choice is to prefer a style with some tones and a sense of technology.

According to the security level, the fingerprint lock is divided into: ordinary type and anti-theft type. The ordinary type is generally used in office buildings, and the anti-theft type is mostly used in personal villas, residences, government agencies, hospitals, and scientific research units. The anti-theft type must reach the C-level standard. Whether the family just uses the fingerprint combination lock or needs to replace the new fingerprint combination lock, in fact, the personalization of the fingerprint combination lock can not only enhance the stickiness to the home, but also play an important role in improving the efficiency of smart home operation.

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